Floating Book Wall by Ronja Lotte – upcycleDZINE
Books, books and books. An object that has been and will be around for a long time. Reading a book is a unique experience. No tablet or e-reader can even come close to it. Feeling and seeing the cover, holding it and the smell of a book are distinct characteristics.
upcycleDZINE has shown some pretty cool upcycle design using books. There are so many really old books around just waiting to be upcycled. Books that nobody cares about are great for an upcycle project like BookPouf or Stacked Books Table Lamp. Only thing is that these designs involve destroying books in one way or another. Wouldn’t it be great if you could only use one or several discarded books to support your beloved books? And in such a way that these fantastic books become a real eye-catcher.

A book wall like no other

That happens when you create your own floating bookshelf. A way of upcycling that has been on the internet for some time now. The design consists of one hardcover book that’s supported by one or two steel angle brackets. The construction is hidden in one book and it’s mounted to the wall and functions as a bookshelf. There are some nice DIYs to be found showing how to do this with and without ruining a book.
Floating Book Wall by Ronja Lotte – upcycleDZINE
A floating or hidden bookshelf in itself is a fantastic upcycle design piece giving a wall an interesting look. But there’s always someone taking things to a new level. And that’s creative Ronja Lotte, founder of website Nur noch, based in Hamburg | Germany. She took the idea of making a floating bookshelf and turned it into a Floating Book Wall. An amazing looking book wall that really draws attention.
Ronja already made some floating bookshelves but wanted to have a try at creating a book wall using the same concept. After 6 weeks, 63 books, 126 steel angle brackets, 138 dowels, 504 screws and 2 tubes glue, she was able to enjoy the end product.
Ronja Lotte:

If I had calculated these numbers in advance, then I would probably never have started this project. Fortunately, I was too lazy to calculate and stubborn to give up.

Floating Book Wall by Ronja Lotte – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Nur noch

Each row consists of seven floating bookshelves, each of which has three to eight books stacked. She began with the bound books at the bottom. These were stacked in small numbers on a floating book because they are quite heavy.
Floating Book Wall by Ronja Lotte – upcycleDZINE
Photo © CaitlynLAG

I don’t know about you but I’ve always had a soft spot for bookcases. The bigger the better. The aspect I’ve never liked is that books in an open bookcase gather so much dust. I know one should dust off books weekly, but I’m not that kind of person.
First thing I thought when I saw the Floating Book Wall, after being amazed, is the horizontal position of the books. This reduces dust big time. Now you only have to attack dust on the top books and once in a while between the books. This certainly makes this upcycle design even more interesting and attractive. A book wall like no other.

Design by Ronja Lotte | Nur noch | Facebook


  1. How do you get the books off the shelf when you want to read them?

    If this isnt usable, then it is just a newer version of those tacky fake libraries decorators used to put in rich peoples houses, sorry, it is just tacky if you arent reading the books.

    • Hi, thanks for visiting upcycleDZINE and for leaving a comment.
      Best thing about this Floating Book Wall is that it’s actually a working/readable bookshelf system.
      In the article I explain the following: “Each row consists of seven floating bookshelves, each of which has three to eight books stacked.”
      So you see it’s easy enough to get a book out of the bookshelf. It’s only that part of seven books you have to deal with.
      Hope this answers your question. Have you subscribed to the newsletter? Regards.


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