Shuttlecock lamps by Gary Sanders – upcycleDZINE
One of my hobbies is playing tennis. During the outdoor season I try to play two or three times a week. Best is to play with new balls. They will last for a couple of weeks and then they start to lose pressure and therefore bounce less. Luckily I can throw them in a special recycle bin for collecting tennis balls. Ever thought about how many of these yellow balls are thrown away? Well to give you an idea: 125 million tennis balls enter US landfills annually [Retour Tennis]. As a person who likes to upcycle things I’ve had some tries at designing a lamp made out of these very sturdy balls. But till now I haven’t succeeded.
I’m telling you this because some sports produce quite some waste products that you wouldn’t think of, like these tennis balls. Another sport product ending up in a waste bin is a shuttlecock used for playing badminton. After a tournament or during practice and competition, quite some feather shuttlecocks are damaged in such a way that they aren’t suitable for playing badminton. But, looking at a design I stumbled across, they are still good enough to be upcycled in a wonderful way.

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Shuttlecock filters light

Some time ago I saw a stunning and stylish chandelier made out of these feathery objects. And a few weeks ago I was contacted through Facebook by Gary Sanders showing me some designs he created. And looking at them I was very pleasantly surprised to see that beautiful chandelier along with a table lamp using the same discarded product, a shuttlecock.
Shuttlecock lamps by Gary Sanders – upcycleDZINE
Gary Sanders is an English designer living in Vienna | Austria. He found a way to upcycle shuttlecocks into a chandelier called ‘Flora‘ and a table lamp called ‘Florence‘. One of the attractive aspects of using shuttlecocks for lighting design is the very friendly way light gets filtered.
Shuttlecock lamps by Gary Sanders – upcycleDZINE
Gary Sanders:

“My furniture, which is partly or entirely constructed from discarded materials, shows that with a little imagination, waste can be given a new form and function. Being somewhat overwhelmed with boundless ideas, I often let the objects or materials work for me, depicting through their form, surface or size, a vision of what they are to become.”

Shuttlecock lamps by Gary Sanders – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Gary Sanders

Gary Sanders: “My work focuses on two aspects of modern life of which I believe demoralise and hinder the evolution of mankind, namely the thoughtless dissipation of the world’s resources and a lack of consideration towards other beings.”

Design by Gary Sanders | Facebook

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