Fridgecouch: comfy back seats in a fridge by Adrian Johnson

I love to sit on a comfy couch and watch a movie. And I don’t know if you noticed but older cars used to have great seats in the front and fantastic back seats. Sometimes I just wished that I had a couch like that in my room.
And yesterday I found this cool site where that small idea was realized. I came across a design called ‘Fridgecouch‘.

Back seats turned into ‘cool’ couch

The couch is designed by Adrian Johnson, a Canadian designer living in Massachusetts | United States. How did he came to designing this stunning piece of upcycle furniture? “As it happened….I was in need of some comfortable seating for an outdoor wedding lounge area….possibly my own….and being a designer, I couldn’t bear the thought of typical fittings.”

Johnson was accustomed to keeping used cars running with cheap parts from the local junk yard. “While perusing hundreds of junkers, I came upon a tired BMW 325e coupe with remarkable Cardinal Red leather interiors, the two front seats cracked and torn and a near-perfect back seats!”
Most back seats are hardly used because most of the time a car is only used by its driver and maybe one passenger. While thinking of how to integrate the back seats or mount them on a base, he had this idea that it should look like modern classics, sleek lines, simple beauty. Like Corbusier, Mies, Eames.
One day he found an olive green Gibson Frost Clear Deluxe between a lot of scrap. “I pulled out the tape measure…..52 inches inside from top to bottom…..the seat would fit with a half-inch to spare….Fridgecouch born!”
Three years and three designs later, he’s still making and redesigning Fridgecouches. “Fueled by great response and a mission to ‘push the re-use envelope’ toward solutions for a healthier planet.”

Photos © Adrian Johnson

I’ve made a lot of posts here on upcycleDZINE, but this one is quite special because it upcycles two large objects into one unique and in a way fun upcycle design piece. Big design companies should realize that great and fun design can be made with upcycling. So they finally too would help to create a better planet. Who knows……

Design by Adrian Johnson



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