Furniture made out of Crutches by T.O.M.T.

Furniture made out of Crutches by T.O.M.T. _ upcycleDZINE
Last week I stumbled upon some stunning upcycle design. Not only because of the fantastic shape and structure, but also the upcycled object that was used. I didn’t notice it right away, because who would have thought that you could make furniture pieces out of discarded crutches.

Refitting the planet with old crutches

The ‘Crutch Table‘ and the ‘Crutch Bar‘ are designed by T.O.M.T., founded in 1994 by Rodney Allen Trice, based in Brooklyn | New York. Recovering discarded objects and giving them a second life by reassigning the purpose is what T.O.M.T. is all about. “The key to saving these forgotten objects is just keeping our eyes open and being open and ready to spot what we like to call ‘objects of desire’ – old appliances, tires, whatever!”
Furniture made out of Crutches by T.O.M.T. _ upcycleDZINE
Photos © T.O.M.T.

On the website of T.O.M.T. it says that his awareness of our need to conserve the Earth’s resources has grown significantly since his endeavor began more then 12 years ago. As has his concern for a future where no one will be insulated from the need to make the most of the objects around us.
“I believe we all must do our part, think beyond just separating plastic, paper, glass,” says Trice. “We must teach ourselves and learn as habit to see more than just a ‘rain shield’ in an umbrella, a ‘dust collector’ in a vacuum and a ‘shoe for our car’ in an old tire. When we do that, the Earth will become a safer place for the children of the 21st century and, from my experience, A LOT MORE FUN, TOO!”
T.O.M.T.: refitting the planet for today, tomorrow and all the days to come!
I recommend visiting his site to see his collection and check out his new stuff.

Design by T.O.M.T. | Etsy


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