Candles are a product that can be used all year long. Most of the time you think of candles being used only during the winter. And when you use candles they are almost always made out of paraffine. What if you could have candles made out of used cooking oil and even better a diy using your own cooking oil? Meet the brand ‘The Greatest Candle In the World‘. They have a revolutionary product that transforms used cooking oil into beautiful perfumed candles. They think it’s set to change the face of candle manufacturing and is available both in ready-made and do-it-yourself versions.

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DIY making a candle out of used cooking oil

By diy I mean that you can make your own candle out of waste by putting the powder version of Greatest Candle, together with your used cooking oil, into the microwave for two minutes and out comes a beautiful candle with a lovely perfume. Or you can buy the finished ready-to-use varieties which come in a selection of delicate perfumes; including Spice Wood, Fig Milk, Darjeeling Flower, Clove & Cinnamon and Kaffir-Lime Flower.
The Greatest Candle In the World: from used oil to wax by Mário Silva – upcycleDZINE
The Greatest Candle In the World: from used oil to wax by Mário Silva – upcycleDZINE
Green entrepreneur Mário Silva came up with the idea while working as strategic planner for a multinational manufacturer of cooking oils. “I was struck by the massive impact cooking oil waste had on the environment. I wanted to inspire people into doing something really positive with used cooking oil – and if I could offer consumers an option of transforming waste into something they could love, then I’d been onto a winning formula.”
If you’re not sure what the problem is about having used cooking oil, watch this video:

The answer to his quest came from his granny’s old ways, no less: “I remembered how my Portuguese granny used to light up the living room by using a traditional lamp powered by olive oil.”
The Greatest Candle In the World: from used oil to wax by Mário Silva – upcycleDZINE
Mário Silva

“Since 2103 we have been making people fall in love with their own rubbish and helping to make the planet a better place, with a more environmentally sustainable future.”

A marketeer of new businesses by trade, Mário Silva then researched the oil and candles market. Pretty soon he was running tests to develop a technology that proved affordable, efficient and, most importantly, one that would deliver a wonderful product. He eventually arrived at a formula that not only neutralized the smell of cooking oils, it also produced beautiful perfumes.
The Greatest Candle In the World: from used oil to wax by Mário Silva – upcycleDZINE
Photos & videos © The Greatest Candle In The World

Just watch the online demonstration of the product in a 2 minute video that shows how easy and fast it is to make The Greatest Candle In The World:

The Greatest Candles were rigorously tested by independent and certified laboratories (Certech and Intertek). More than 30 different aspects have been tested regarding health and environmental safety, burning conditions and the presence of allergenic, metal and carcinogenic elements. All products have passed all the tests without any problems meeting all the EU certifications.
The Greatest Candle In the World uses a nice slogan: Why stop at lighting up someone’s world when you could be saving it too? I think it’s a fantastic way of recycling.

Product by Mário Silva | The Greatest Candle In the World | Facebook

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