Handmade kitchen accessories by 207 Skateboard Recycling – upcycleDZINE
This Monday it’s time for very functional upcycle design. I’m talking about kitchen accessories. Yes, to be more precise, a trivet and eggcup made out of a discarded skateboard. You all know by now what great objects for upcycling these old and battered skateboards are. Just as a quick reminder I’ll name a few: Skatelamp, Skateboard Sunglasses, Skateboard Chair and the Skate Guitar. All very impressive design pieces that show what can be done by upcycling old skateboards.

Skateboard scratches makes design unique

I don’t know about you but I like the site of a boiled egg in an eggcup. There’s just something very friendly and homey to it. And if you dive into the designs that have been made for an eggcup, you notice that there are a lot. And I mean a lot. The one I use is a sort of small pillow called Vacuvin Egg Pillow.
The Egg Pillow is soft and looks nice but there’s one thing I don’t like. Right, it’s no upcycle design. Note that in our house everything is far from upcycled. But more and more I start to notice that it would be nice if certain objects were. That also applies to the trivets we use. We’ve got several made from wood, fabric and cork.
Handmade kitchen accessories by 207 Skateboard Recycling – upcycleDZINE
Handmade kitchen accessories by 207 Skateboard Recycling – upcycleDZINE
So here are today’s products, upcycle design eggcups [rings] and trivets. I found these while searching for interesting new upcycled products for this blog. The products featured here are by a design studio called 207 Skateboard Recycling, based in Altes-Land near Hamburg | Germany.
Handmade kitchen accessories by 207 Skateboard Recycling – upcycleDZINE
Photos © 207 Skateboard Recycling

“Each product is handmade and unique, since the shape and texture of each driven skateboard differs from each other. Skateboards always consist of seven layers of Canadian maple, a sturdy yet lightweight wood. For the skateboard building these veneers are partially colored, so that appealing color combinations show when the boards are cut.”
Resulting in an eggcup and trivet that have both very simple, but very functional and nice design. The thing that always appeals to me about these upcycled skateboards is the scratched graphics. They are always different and therefore every finished product is unique. What do you think about these products?

Design by 207 Skateboard Recycling


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