Hooked on it: Tupperware lighting by Kriz – upcycleDZINE
This is the first post of 2015 about upcycle design. And what better way to start off than by showing 100% Dutch Design. Sorry, for being a bit chauvinistic here.
During my last visit to the Feel Good Market in Eindhoven, December 2014, I visited some shops nearby in a retail concept called Urban Shopper based in an old Philips building. One of those shops was Kriz interior & lifestyle, founded by Christa Contant & Gerald van den Hurk. Here I saw an amazing collection of upcycle design lighting by Kriz. The collection is called ‘Hooked on it‘ and is made out of discarded Tupperware.

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Tupperware amazing as lighting

Upcycle design that uses Tupperware has been on upcycleDZINE once before. It was TupperLight, a retro Jell-O mold pendant by Boots N Gus. For those who didn’t read the TupperLight post, Tupperware is a thing from my childhood.

Hooked on it: Tupperware lighting by Kriz – upcycleDZINE
Hooked on it: Tupperware lighting by Kriz – upcycleDZINE
I remember during the sixties that once in a while a Tupperware party was held at our place. My mom invited a few of her friends and than a consultant would visit and bring all sorts of products. I never forget the way you had to close a small container for instance. First you had to put the lid in place and then press your thumbs on it to let some air out and finally you could close it. This way the food inside the container stayed fresh longer. It was called ‘Airtight Promise‘. Anyway, I’ve got nice memories of those ‘parties’ and we had a whole lot of Tupperware products. If you want to see more about the history of Tupperware, please watch this ‘tribute‘ [documentary], a must see for all vintage and retro lovers!

Hooked on it: Tupperware lighting by Kriz – upcycleDZINE
Hooked on it: Tupperware lighting by Kriz – upcycleDZINE
Well seeing the handmade Hooked on it collection by Kriz really fascinated me in the way those discarded objects where used in combination with crocheted hemp yarn. The yarn is treated with a textile hardener for stiffness. The friendly lamp designs are real eye-catchers with their beautiful and colorful shapes.
It really once again amazes me to see how some changes to a discarded simple everyday product can transform it into a stunning object. This is why upcycle design is so attractive and interesting.

Hooked on it: Tupperware lighting by Kriz – upcycleDZINE
Hooked on it: Tupperware lighting by Kriz – upcycleDZINE
Hooked on it: Tupperware lighting by Kriz – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Gilbert de Rooij

Hooked on it is a collection that I can really relate to because of the materials used and the objects created. Discarded plastic and lighting, again a stylish and fun combination showing what upcycle design is all about.

Design by Kriz interior & lifestyle


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