iMac Lamp by Randall Littleton

iMac Lamp by Randall Littleton – upcycleDZINE
Like I mentioned in my post “Venus by Steve Jobs“, I’ve been working with Macs for over 25 years with great joy. And that’s why I’m a real Apple fan. I’ve worked with a lot of different Macs since I started as a graphic designer. The models range from the early grey desktop models to the colored, later white and after that aluminum iMacs. But there are two models Ive never worked with. These are the G4 Cube and the iMac G4. And that iMac G4 is maybe one of the most fun and cool looking all-in-one computers I’ve ever seen. So you can understand why I was so enthusiastic when I saw the “iMac Lamp” by Randall Littleton. Increddible how this lamp captures the character of the original iMac G4. I always thought that the iMac G4 was sort of a living lamp that could turn its head, like the hopping lamp in the great short animation “Luxo Jr. – Pixar“.

iMac Lamp by Randall Littleton – upcycleDZINE
Photo © Randall Littleton

I think this upcycled iMac Lamp is a great tribute to Apple and especially to designer Jonathan Ive. I’ll put it on my wish list!

Design by Randall Littleton



  1. Oh, this lamp looks interesting. I wish I would buy all of the Apple’s product then I make them become a collection. Thanks for sharing the information!


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