JIGSAW wallpaper by Tracy Kendall – upcycleDZINE
Just when I wondered if there would be something completely new out there in the upcycle design world, I stumbled upon jigsaw puzzle pieces. I’m a person who has completed quite a few puzzles. When I was very young I started with 50 pieces puzzles and being a teenager I loved to sit down at the dining table with my mom to see how far we could get with a 1000 pieces puzzle. I remember working our way through all the different image parts and having a hard time with the sky or water part. Writing this makes me think about today’s kids if they would still be able to sit down for 1 or 2 hours and work at a jigsaw puzzle.
So now you know why I like jigsaw puzzles. There’s only one very big aspect I don’t like about these puzzles. That’s when at the end, when you’ve almost completed the jigsaw, you notice that there’s one piece missing. That’s happened to me several times and sometimes I was lucky to discover the missing piece a few weeks later underneath something. Personally I don’t want to make a jigsaw puzzle when I know there’s a piece missing. So what can you do with, for instance, all those 999 leftover pieces?

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A fun and ‘puzzling’ wallpaper

Not sure if this question was the thing that triggered and inspired the upcycle design you’re seeing here. But what I do know is that I think it’s awesome. The design is a wallpaper called JIGSAW, part of the BESPOKE collection by British designer Tracy Kendall. She’s an award winning wallpaper designer who has a very versatile portfolio of wallpapers sold around the world.
JIGSAW wallpaper by Tracy Kendall – upcycleDZINE
JIGSAW wallpaper by Tracy Kendall – upcycleDZINE
Previously I wasn’t too crazy about wallpaper, but lately I noticed that I start to like wallpaper with graphic and pattern prints. And now I found Tracy Kendall’s collection which to me is stunning. Over more than 40 years of experience can be found in her work showing a combination of craftsmanship and design that has resulted in a unique style.
And unique is certainly something that can be said about JIGSAW. An entirely handmade wallpaper created by attaching jigsaw pieces with nylon tags to a hand screen printed non-woven FFC/PEFC fire-rated base paper.
JIGSAW wallpaper by Tracy Kendall – upcycleDZINE
Tracy Kendall:

Our wallpapers are predominately made by hand from start to finish. You can feel the depth of ink on our hand screen printed papers with colours mixed by skilled and experienced eyes. The 3 dimensional wallpapers are only possible when made by hand and each is individually crafted and constructed making a unique wallpaper for each customer.

JIGSAW wallpaper by Tracy Kendall – upcycleDZINE
Photos & video © Tracy Kendall

In addition to the Bespoke collection with its fun and ‘puzzling’ Jigsaw wallpaper, there are e few other fantastic collections like Graphics, Stacking and Repeats.
They are not about upcycling but certainly worth checking out.

Design by Tracy Kendall | Facebook

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