Kodak Camera upcycled into Chandelier by Retro Bender

Well, I don’t know about other people, but I really like photography and making photos. And talking about taking photos reminds me of the way cameras looked like a while ago. Yes before the digital age, the time where you had to put a cartridge or filmrol in a camera. Exciting times, because you had an idea how a photo would or could turn out. But you always had to wait till the finished product to see how if it really worked out.

Upcycle design turns Kodak Camera into eye-catcher

And in those days cameras looked so much different. I’ve still got an old one that belonged to my dad. Can’t throw it away, but I’m not using it. So what can you do with it?
Here on upcycleDZINE I’ve posted an upcycled vintage camera turned into a fantastic desk lamp by YStudio. And now I stumbled upon this stunning eye-catcher, a Kodak Camera Chandelier by Retro Bender.

Photos © Retro Bender

Retro Bender is an Etsy shop founded by Milan Bender. Milan, a photograper and lover of the 60’s and 70’s, calls this design ‘The most unique gift that a photographer will ever receive!’. This upcycle design was made from 3 vintage Kodak Instamatic cameras. The Instamatic was Kodak’s trademark name for these easy-load 126 cartridge film cameras, they were manufactured from 1963-1988.
Milan Bender: “What would have been a dust collector on the shelf is now a functional piece of art and camera history! I have been making and selling camera lamps for over 7 years now!”
So great to see this beautiful homage to the Kodak Instamatic.

Design by Retro Bender



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