Lighting Wheel by Mohamed Nabil Labib – upcycleDZINE
An object that’s popular in the world of upcycle design is a bicycle. Almost every part can be used for upcyle design. For instance, take a look at a bicycle wheel. I’ve shown already another lighting design that made use of it, the ‘Rim Lamp‘ by Daniele Luciano Ferrazzano | DLF PRODUCTDESIGN.

A wheel that gives your room a festive glow

The Rim Lamp is an elegant minimalist design. Another upcycle design that is made from that same object has a more fun and festive character. It’s called ‘Lighting Wheel‘ by Mohamed Nabil Labib. He’s an independent designer with a multi-disciplinary design studio working in various kind of projects ranging from branding, magazines, websites, books and products.
Lighting Wheel by Mohamed Nabil Labib – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Mohamed Nabil Labib

This design makes use of the arm, but you can hang it from the center of the wheel without the arm and attach it against the ceiling or I guess even the wall. There are two sizes, a medium wheel 24 and a small wheel 20.
As someone living in the Netherlands I grew up using bicycles. I guess that’s why I’m fascinated by what people do with old bicycles or bicycle parts. The Lighting Wheel is a real eye catcher.

Design by Mohamed Nabil Labib


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