Lilly’s Lightbox Company: upcycled drawers by Felicia Strehmel

Looking at this upcycle design makes you wonder what it is. It looks beautiful and intriguing and then you notice that it’s a chest of drawers upside down. The bottom is replaced with an acrylic photo.
The lighting object is a light box from Lilly’s Lightbox Company by Felicia Strehmel. The brand was set up in early 2011 by artist and designer Felicia Strehmel. Born and raised in Berlin, Felicia moved to London in 2000 to pursue her career.

A passionate amateur photographer, her work unites old crafts such as decoupage and furniture restoration with modern image manipulation. The result is a series of light boxes that combine a warm light with a vintage look and a beautiful image. And the best thing, images get more depth, almost a 3D effect. These light boxes will draw some attention, you’ll keep looking at them.
All Light boxes are made from old chests of drawers and handmade acrylic photo slides featuring images and thoughts that appear to float in glass.

Photo © Lilly’s Lightbox Company

“While some drawers are restored to their original beauty, others are left with historic marks or changed entirely to give them a new lease of life. Large light boxes are made from the cross-section of an entire chest of drawers and can be up to 120cm x 120cm in size. Vintage fabric cable further complements the overall appearance of each Lightbox and a note featured in fitting antique brass frames tells a story of its journey.”
​All in all I really like these dreamy light boxes. They remind you of the past in a unique and a stoy telling kind of way.

Design by ​Felicia Strehmel | Lilly’s Lightbox Company



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