96 LOTUS pendant light by relevè design

96 LOTUS pendant light by relieve design – upcycleDZINE
Here’s another fine example of what upcycling is all about. The shape of the 96 Lotus pendant light draws inspiration from plants. 16” in diameter, 10” high, and using 96 six-pack rings, the light weighs less than 3lb. Using a technique that took over a year and a half to develop the six-pack rings are hand-woven together to form strands. This eliminates the use of new materials or adhesives to connect the six-pack rings together. The strands are then strung on metal lamp rings. UL wiring parts and a Philips AmbientLED light bulb complete the pendant light.

96 LOTUS pendant light by relieve design – upcycleDZINE
Photo © relevé design

At the end of its lifecycle, each lamp can be deconstructed easily for upcycling or recycling.

Design by relevé design



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