Maps are always interesting. They look cool, have a lot of information and without them many of us would be lost when we travel. For me as a graphic designer it’s always interesting to see which symbols and other info are used. But like with so many other things, maps get outdated after some time.
So what to do with an atlas or roadmap? Well on upcycleDZINE a great lighting design was featured that makes use of an old atlas. Its called ‘Atlas Book Lamp‘ by Bomdesign. And now I bumped into a great upcycle design that uses old maps.

Decorative fairy lights out of an old map

The design is a small one, but so beautiful and fun that I just had to show it. It’s called ‘Map paper Fairy Lights‘, designed and handmade by Pippa Kate, founder of Etsy store Little Lights Shop, based in Bristal | UK. A string of 20 white LED fairy lights, each bulb inside a hand made origami paper lantern made from an upcycled vintage map.

Photos © Little Lights Shop

Pippa Kate: “I enjoy all kinds of making! I have always loved to sew, draw, and create things. I also like to recycle old or boring things into something useful and exciting. The map I used is of the North of Scotland, and is mainly light blue and green in color. These lights look lovely both switched on and off, and are a great way to decorate a room.”
What a great idea to let an old discarded map light up a room looking this way.

Design by Little Lights Shop



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