Marc Lamp: iMac floor lamp by Upcycle Us – upcycleDZINE
If you’re like me, a long time Apple user and fan, you’ll be thrilled to see upcycled Apple products. Their hardware design is beautiful and it would be a shame to be thrown away. That’s why, when I’m searching for upcycle design, I’m always excited when I find upcycled Apple products. There have been a few on upcycleDZINE so far, like the iMac Pendant lamp, Think Different and the iMac Lamp.

iMac G4 destined to become a lamp

And some time ago I came across another straightforward and stunning upcycle lighting design that uses a discarded iMac G4. Like I said in an earlier post, I’ve worked with a lot of different Macs since I started as a graphic designer. The models range from the early grey desktop models to the colored, later white and after that aluminum iMacs. But there are two models Ive never worked with. These are the G4 Cube and the iMac G4. And that iMac G4 is maybe one of the most fun and cool looking all-in-one computers I’ve ever seen. So you can understand why I again was so enthusiastic seeing this iMac floor lamp. The lamp is called ‘Marc Lamp’ and is designed by Upcycle Us.

Marc Lamp: iMac floor lamp by Upcycle Us – upcycleDZINE
Marc Lamp: iMac floor lamp by Upcycle Us – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Upcycle Us

Upcyle US was first tempted to make a desk lamp, but since somebody already made it, it took that challenge away. After some time thinking on how to use this piece of art, this lamp was created. “The arc lamp revisited as a Marc Lamp. This mix between the Mac and the Arc lamp was fairly simple because I already have the base of the lamp at home. It comes from target Home collection. The shade fits perfectly, the opening needs to be around 1.5 inch and it’s exactly what apple did, how convenient!!!”
So glad to see that after an Apple hardware product stops working it still can shine and be an eye-catcher in a whole different way.

Design by Upcycle Us


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