MC 205: Cardboard Armchair by Nordwerk recyclingDESIGN – upcycleDZINE
Here at upcycleDZINE I’m always on the look out for nice, beautiful and fun upcycle design that shows ingenuity and simplicity. And when it’s made out of a great material like recycled cardboard, it will certainly attract my attention. And so did this stunning chair design.
If you haven’t seen upcycle design made out of cardboard you should definitely take a look at designs by GraypantsMhozShiner or Dan Goldstein. They al use discarded cardboard. And today I’m glad to add another name to the list.

Cardboard proves to be sturdy

The name is Nordwerk recyclingDESIGN, a creative company based in Dresden | Germany. They design and produce furniture and architecture made out of used industrial corrugated cardboard [corrugated fiberboard]. Their goal is to establish a perfectly green designing and manufacturing process. And it looks like they now what they are doing, because at this moment they produce less than 1% waste.
MC 205: Cardboard Armchair by Nordwerk recyclingDESIGN – upcycleDZINE
The chair that’s featured in this post is called MC 205. An upcycle design armchair, available in two sizes, made out of flat cardboard parts.

“What we do… is rubbish! At least it used to be garbage. And with high probability it will be garbage again. In the meantime we do something different with it. We make furniture, conversions, installations, exhibition stands – or sometimes a lion – out of discarded corrugated cardboard.”

Every piece of furniture they make is made without environmentally hazardous connecting means. All parts are either connected or stacked and everything is completely recyclable. “What we did use was once provided for recycling. But we break the chain and stretch this process, we don’t stop it.” What they make will someday be recycled, re-used or even be upcycled again into something else with a greater value.
MC 205: Cardboard Armchair by Nordwerk recyclingDESIGN – upcycleDZINE
The idea arose in the context of another project where they built their first plug-in space. They refined the idea and they begun to explore the possibilities of this construction, both in technical and design point of view as well as with regard to the potential diversity of form.
Their main focus is on already used corrugated cardboard. A great material intended for recycling but with much too little attention with regard to sustainability of our environment.

“What we do is in itself not sustainable. But we consider ourselves as part of a process whose core is sustainability.”

MC 205: Cardboard Armchair by Nordwerk recyclingDESIGN – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Nordwerk recyclingDESIGN

After reading this post you should definitely check out all other products and concepts by Nordwerk recyclingDESIGN. It’s just incredible what they come up with. And all this by using recycled cardboard. Never thought cardboard could be used to lounge on and would look so good.

Design by Nordwerk recyclingDESIGN | Facebook

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  1. hellodear ,im persian and live in iran , i love your product , i`m a designer, but in my country i cant buy your product ,t if possible i need MC 205: Cardboard Armchair`s construction plan to creat it in my home , with the best regards, Mohsen

    • Hi Mohsen, thank you for visiting upcycleDZINE and for leaving a comment.
      I’m not the designer, but the blogger/publisher 🙂 I agree, MC 205 is a stunning chair.
      You should ask the designer, Nordwerk recyclingDESIGN, for the construction plan.
      There’s a link to the designer at the end of the post.
      I doubt if they will share their knowledge, but you never know.


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