MOLLIGHT: Spiral Table Lamp by Alessandro Marelli – upcycleDZINE
This post could start with the same sentence as the last post about the MC 205 cardboard armchair. Why? Well because the lighting design which you’re seeing here shows exactly what I’m looking for in upcycle design. I try to look for nice, beautiful and fun upcycle design that shows ingenuity and simplicity. And when I saw this lamp for the first time I new it should be featured on upcycleDZINE.

Spring used as tribute

The spiral table lamp is called ‘Mollight‘ and incorporates all the aspects I mentioned above. It’s an amazing minimalist piece of upcycle lighting design. The design is created by Alessandro Marelli, freelance Italian designer born in Brianza, a very well known wood/furniture industry district in the North of Milan.

MOLLIGHT: Spiral Table Lamp by Alessandro Marelli – upcycleDZINE

“Mollight was born from the idea of reuse! Transforming the material requires time, effort, energy. With this project, I just wanted to minimize the transformation. The most effective way to dispose waste is not recycling, but reuse as such. In fact, the spiral spring holding the bulb is a padding of an old armchair. Subject minimum, discrete, used as a lamp shade.”

During his studies at ‘Politecnico di Milano’, Alessandro Marelli had the opportunity to come in contact with the noted Enzo Mari. One of the most thoughtful and intellectually provocative Italian designers of the late 20th century.

MOLLIGHT: Spiral Table Lamp by Alessandro Marelli – upcycleDZINE
After a degree in Industrial Design he was called by Enzo Mari and worked as his unique co-worker for some years. During this period he helped with the development of several projects, among them for example the preparation of Mari’s exhibition ‘The art of Design‘ at the Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Turin. After this experience, Alessandro Marelli decided to start his own atelier to dedicate himself completely to the ‘project’.

“Mollight Spiral Table Lamp is basically formed by a spring from an old armchair (of my grandmother). Every one of us has at home or at our parents or friends a beloved armchair. With this project, as well as reusing the spring, I wanted to remember and tribute to a subject dear to me.”

MOLLIGHT: Spiral Table Lamp by Alessandro Marelli – upcycleDZINE
Photos © romanofotografie & Alessandro Marelli

Reading about Alessandro Marelli I came across a fantastic quote by famous Thomas Edison: “To invent you need a vivid imagination and a pile of junk.” Very inspiring words that express what upcycle design is all about.

Design by Alessandro Marelli | Facebook



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