Clever movable library for children to support education in China

Micro movable library from above for children by Luo Studio | upcycleDZINE

Shared Lady Beetle, designed by LUO studio, based in Beijing, China. It is a very small movable library, a storage cart, created for children to support education. The proportion of the library has perfect child-size. Now children are able to exchange the books that are secured on its shelves and reach neighborhoods not served by public libraries or bookmobiles. It is a small, very clever solution built from discarded iron sheets used for cars, bicycle parts, scrap, and discarded building materials.

Micro movable library closed from side for children by Luo Studio | upcycleDZINE
Micro movable library with mother and child for by Luo Studio | upcycleDZINE
Micro movable library for children with doors open by Luo Studio | upcycleDZINE

Movable library raises awareness

This stunning upcycle design piece was created in response to seizing heaps of sharing bikes. Huge amounts of shared bicycles are used and left all over Chinese cities. Designers Luo Yujie and Lu Zhuojiant wanted to raise awareness for the way we use and misuse resources, promote enjoyable learning and last but not least, eco-friendly transportation.

Micro movable library for children with boy reading book by Luo Studio | upcycleDZINE
Man with Shared Lady Beetle by Luo Studio | upcycleDZINE

Friendly reuse

According to LUO Studio: “Though born from the good intention of resources conservation, green commuting and making life more convenient, shared bicycles are becoming “monsters” under the unbridled commercial sprawl. They have consumed plenty of industrial raw materials, encroached on scarce urban public space and been dumped in horrible piles. A large number of shared bicycles, without any quality problems, have been forced to “retirement”. Do we have any better solutions to handle this problem instead of recycling them in a simple and crude manner? As a designer living in the city, I have been thinking about the possibility of friendly reuse of those abandoned bikes.” 

Children using the Shared Lady Beetle by Luo Studio | upcycleDZINE
Technical drawing of the Shared Lady Beetle by Luo Studio | upcycleDZINE
Micro movable library with open doors for children by Luo Studio | upcycleDZINE
Photos © Jin Weiqi

Customizable and easy to use

This movable library is easy to use. When it’s standing still, the metal shell at the rear of the movable library opens like a beetle’s wing. It then reveals the books underneath, while the Shared Lady Bug’s fourth wheel stabilizes the rear of the wing-shaped cover. In addition, the lower part of the library has longer shelves, so the bottom shelf is big enough to accompany kids while reading. Another great feature of Shared Lady Beetle is that it is very customizable because the interior elements can be removed or rearranged.

The friendly designed Shared Lady Beetle reminds me of Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion car.

Design by LUO studio


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