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Today I feel the need to share a personal post. Why? Because one of my biggest fans died today. My mom! At the age of 85 she had her last breakfast this morning and then her heart suddenly gave up. In a way I expected it could happen because she wasn’t feeling well lately. But the news always takes you by surprise. For her it’s a blessing, for me it’s sadness, a feeling of emptiness and the end of having parents. The end of having a big fan who was extremely proud. The things I’ve been able to do when I was a child and teenager and the education I got and the person I am today, I owe it to my mom [and dad of course]. She was always there, and showed me to see how wonderful this world is. How beautiful nature is and to treat everyone equal.
She was, is and will forever be my pride, my joy and my mam. And that’s why I’m showing this photo of my mom with cat that I’ve creatively played around with last year. The next days I hope to be able to share my upcycle design findings but give me some time to get my thoughts together and I’ll be up and running as usual. Can’t let my fans down!


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