NEW WAVE suspension by Veronique Lamarre – upcycleDZINE
Are you also putting your digital life in the “cloud“? More and more people turn to the cloud for their photos, music and documents. So we all have a lot of CDs and DVDs lying around gathering dust. To put these objects to good use, Véronique Lamarre designed an impressive and beautiful suspension lamp, called “New Wave“. This suspension is made of anodized aluminum structure original and recovered 240 cd! The type of bulb is 60 watts incandescent or compact fluorescent. It comes with lining 5 inch diameter anodized aluminum and 3 feet of stainless steel cable. The dimensions are 12 x 22 inches diameter (30 x 56 cm dia).

NEW WAVE suspension by Veronique Lamarre – upcycleDZINE
Photos © The Creators Project

Since 2008, she devoted herself to recovery projects. Initially exploring how to integrate various everyday objects into light sculptures. Then step by step, she created the CD light collection. The lighting range consists mainly of aluminum, CD or CD cases (one of her favorite materials) and new electrical components. The results are surprising considering that the object retrieved is quite common!

Design by Veronique Lamarre



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