Front of Volkspod minibike upcyclecled out of old VW Beetle car fenders

Using car parts for upcycling is quite popular. Just have a look at some great examples. And recently I came across another one. And not just another one, but a very original and special on. I’m talking about a minibike called ‘Volkspod’.
This great piece of upcycle design is by custom build specialist Brent Walter. He took some old iconic car fenders from an old type 1 Volkswagen Beetle and fixed them to a custom frame. By melding the car fenders together he created a stylish and very recognizable design.

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Rear of Volkspod minibike

VW history

I’ve mentioned in other articles that some designs become iconic. And this also applies to the Volkswagen Beetle. Although designed during the 1930s, because of World War II, non-military Beetles just started to be produced in huge numbers before the end of the 1940s. The car was then internally designated the Volkswagen Type 1, and marketed simply as the Volkswagen. Later models were assigned Volkswagen 1200, 1300, 1500, 1302, or 1303, the previous three indicating engine displacement, the latter two derived from the model number. The car turned out to be generally referred to in its nation of origin as the Käfer (German for “beetle”, related with English chafer) and was later promoted under that name in Germany, and as the Volkswagen in different nations. For instance, in France it was known as the Coccinelle (French for ladybug). [Source Wikipedia]Unfortunately, VW stopped producing the Beetle, or ‘bug’, after 80 years. Incredible how a car design can stand the test of time for so many years.

Old melded together VW Beetle car fenders
Melded together VW Beetle car fenders before and after

Volkswagen Beetle became a movie star

There isn’t a single person I know that doesn’t recognize that car. There are also so many movies in which the VW Beetle was used. And even a series of movies in which the car was called Herbie. “Herbie the Love Bug” is a fictional 1963 Volkswagen Beetle. It featured in several Walt Disney motion pictures starting with the 1968 feature film The Love Bug. Followed by, the one that I first saw, Herbie Rides Again (1974) and many more. For a kid very enjoyable movies.

Front of two Volkspod minibikes upcyclecled out of an old VW Beetle car fenders
Rear of two Volkspod minibikes

The Volkspod is equipped with a head and tail-light system and a 79cc Volkswagen engine [a 212cc for the blue]. And to top it off it also has a wide handlebar. The bike comes in two soft-tone colors: pastel blue and birch green.

Custom frame with engine made for the Volkspod VW minibike
Side of the Volkspod minibike upcyclecled out of an old VW Beetle car fenders
Photos © Brent Walter

Earlier on I wrote about movies and now I suddenly noticed another reference to a movie. And that’s the way this mini bike looks. Don’t know about you, but I think it really looks like Mike Wazowski from the “Monsters, Inc.” movie.

Well, I think Brent Walter has created a true upcycle design beauty with regard to the original iconic design.

Design by Brent Walter


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