If you want to see if upcycle design can be simple, just look at these featured designs. Nothing fancy, nothing difficult about them. These designs are called ‘Clip Books‘ and ‘Bucket‘, by Nuno Vasa based in Torres Vedras | Portugal.
They are part of Outra Coisa, a design project by Nuno Vasa. He started it in 2010 and now takes shape with the creation of the brand where objects from our common imaginary are transformed into design pieces, with a creative process that relies on the function redesign.

Common objects with a redesigned function

Nuno Vasa: “These are quality and exclusive objects, produced in limited editions with a strong human component, which triggers a mechanism in the solution of the problem.”
In the space of 2 years, Outra Coisa has received for it’s products, the 1st Prize of the Serralves Foundation 4th Edition of POPs, and was selected to participate in the III Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño.

Photo Bucket © Nuno Vasa

Outra Coisa: ‘it`s the same thing in a different way’.
And that is why I like upcycle design so much. The fact that designers show the public how to look at a function of common objects or materials in a different way.

Video showing Clip Books in action.

Design by Nuno Vasa | Outra Coisa



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