PALITOS: fruit crate lamp by Sergio Mendoza

This Friday it’s very stormy with lots of rain. So I’m happy to show you a very original and straightforward design that brightens up the place. This upcycle design is using a material that hasn’t been featured here on upcycleDZINE. And it’s te first time I’ve seen it beeing used. I’m talking about wooden fruit crates.

Wooden crate used for beauty in chaos

This lamp is called ‘Palitos‘, spanish for ‘little sticks’, and is designed by Sergio Mendoza. A Spanish designer based in Valencia | Spain, who explores the use of found materials around us. It is an evolution of his previous SMP limited series. Again he is giving a new life to old fruit crates but in this case the process has developed into a low-tech production.

The thing that’s so intriguing about this lamp series is the pure look and feel of the lampstand in combination with wooden chaos.
Fragile translucent wood is torn down to pieces by hand and the solid powder coated steel is bent with use of powerful tools. To produce the Palitos Sergio went to local fruit shops to collect the fruit crate leftovers. To take care of the metal and paint jobs he asked the help of expert hands working at traditional small industries. Unfortunately these traditional industries are becoming, according to Sergio, ‘an endangered species in Valencia’. Sergio is planning on handing over the wood construction to specific collectives that might benefit from it too.
The lamps are available in two sizes S and M and 4 colors (black, white, coral and turquoise).

Photos © Sergio Mendoza

Too bad that I can’t show you a clear photo of a Palitos with the light on, because then you could see the real beauty of this interesting upcycle design lamp. If you look at the photo of Sergio cutting the wood, you can see a small Palitos in the back that is turned on.
Last but not least, in the last photo there’s also the Palitos XL lamp that was made for an art festival in Valencia. Very impressive.
Never new that chaos could be so attractive.

Design by Sergio Mendoza



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