PET Lamp: reused plastic bottles by Alvaro Catalán de Ocón – upcycleDZINE
As I’am a person who upcycles plastic milk containers into lighting, it isn’t strange being immediately attracted by this upcycle design project. It’s a project called ‘PET Lamp‘ by Alvaro Catalán de Ocón.
In the Summer of 2011, on a visit to Colombia, he was invited to be part of an attractive project focussed on the reuse of PET bottles. “Hélène Le Drogou, psychologist and activist concerned with the plastic waste that contaminates the Colombian Amazon, invited me to give my point of view as an industrial designer on this problem.”

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Plastic bottles turn into delightful lighting

He decided to develop a project that would provide answers, from a design viewpoint, to this global issue. “The way we addressed this problem was to combine it with an ancient artisan resource: the textile tradition. Thus, my idea was to convert an object with a short and specific lifespan into a product enriched by the cosmogony of the local culture.”
The result is discarded plastic bottles that are upcycled into delightful, fun and quirky lighting objects. PET Lamps are crafted by local artisans, most of whom have been driven from their homes by guerrilla war between the FARC and drug cartels. PET Lamp was presented in the market for the first time at the Milan Furniture Fair, 2013.  
Just look at how much these reused plastic bottles enhance the character of room. It’s so great to see a project like PET Lamp creating work for the local community while it also attacks the waste problem.

PET Lamp: reused plastic bottles by Alvaro Catalán de Ocón – upcycleDZINE
PET Lamp: reused plastic bottles by Alvaro Catalán de Ocón – upcycleDZINE
Photos © PET Lamp

Project by Alvaro Catalán de Ocón

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