An airplane must be one of the most impressive objects to be upcycled. And looking at aviation, there are a lot of parts to be upcycled. Here are some examples shown earlier on upcycleDZINE: Aviation Stool, upcycled KLM uniforms and the Airplane Trolley.

Upcycled airplane parts show art of aviation

And today I want to add another upcycle design / company to this list. It’s a company based in El Segundo, CA | United States called MotoArt. They design and create high quality corporate and home furniture made from vintage airplane parts. Just like the design in this post, the ‘PW-747 Cowling Bar’.

Photos © MotoArt

MotoArt: “This dynamic bar is sure to win over your guest with a authentic cowling that housed a Pratt & Whitney jet engine that powered the Boeing 747.  Each custom fabricated piece includes a 1/2” tempered glass top, supported by mirror polished aluminum stand-offs. Behind the bar includes a hardwood bar counter top with bottom shelves for storage. Available in multiple finishes including mirror polished. Their functional sculptures create an eclectic environment in any space and stand in tribute to the great art of aviation.”
If you like this design piece, then you should check out the website of MotoArt where you can find so much more cool upcycle design.

Design by MotoArt



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