RADAR: revolving chair with reclaimed wood by Carlos Motta – upcycleDZINE
Wood is a natural material we often take for granted. Most people don’t think about it’s origin when they buy furniture made out of wood. Although we all know the stories about enormous areas of Rainforest being chopped down every day. With that in mind it was one of the first things that struck me when I visited Milan for the Salone International del Mobile in 2013. There was an abundance of beautiful furniture completely or partially made out of wood. Most of the brands could not or would not tell me where their wood originally came from. In a way I was just looking for productinfo just like you see on many other product packaging like for instance food.
That’s when I started looking for furniture made out of discarded/reclaimed wood. And subsequently this led me to upcycle design where I found, and still find, fantastic furniture and lighting made with discarded wood showing beauty, character and a story. And this is how upcycleDZINE was born.

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Revolving chair respecting ecology and nature

So what better country than Brazil to show what can be done by upcycling discarded wood. This post features a revolving chair called ‘Radar‘ by Brazilian designer Carlos Motta who has been using discarded wood for quite a long time. He graduated in 1976 with a degree in architecture in São Paulo and started Atelier Carlos Motta in 1978. Main work there is design and construction of furniture, architecture, utilitarian objects, sculptures. This is all done with respect for ecology and nature, originating from an environmental and social responsibility.

RADAR: revolving chair with reclaimed wood by Carlos Motta – upcycleDZINE
RADAR: revolving chair with reclaimed wood by Carlos Motta – upcycleDZINE
Radar is a beautiful classic and at the same time modern looking piece of upcycle design furniture. It’s a revolving chair made out of reclaimed peroba rosa wood with oxidized iron fixed to a four-leg tripod base. The design was first created in 2008. It was specially developed for the exhibition held in New York in September 2010 – ‘Used and reused Wood: Furniture by Carlos Motta‘. It was also chosen by the curator of arts Adelia Borges, to participate in the exhibit ‘Brazilian Design Today: Frontiers’, held in MAM (Modern Arts Museum) in São Paulo, in 2009.

RADAR: revolving chair with reclaimed wood by Carlos Motta – upcycleDZINE
Carlos Motta is very involved in the process and personally executes every step of his creations, from the initial design to the finishing details. He’s passionate about Brazil, especially the country’s natural wealth. He makes use of raw materials from renewable sources and chooses sustainable options with ecologically certified or reclaimed wood.

RADAR: revolving chair with reclaimed wood by Carlos Motta – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Carlos Motta | Espasso

If you want to see more upcycle design furniture that features simplicity and ergonomic refinement, well then you should definitely have a look at his other work.

Design by Carlos Motta | Represented by Espasso


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