Radio on gasoline by Bus Metal Art – upcycleDZINE
A few weeks ago it was that time of the year the design world visits the Netherlands to see what the Dutch Design Week [DDW] has to offer. It’s always exciting to see what renowned designers and young talent exhibit during this event. In Eindhoven, there’s also always plenty of room for experiment. This time the pay-off was ‘What if…’, a very important question at the start of every creative process. Next, to contemporary design, there was room for recycle and upcycle design. Both coming from the question ‘What if… we would use waste?’.
Something of course that appealed to me. During the next weeks, I’ll show you a few designs that caught my attention. This 14th edition of the DDW was very successful. 2500 designers in almost 100 locations attracted a record number of 275.000 visitors in 9 days.

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Impressive upcycle design radio

The first one is a design so strange and therefore very impressive, I just had to share it with you. upcycleDZINE has featured some amazing upcycle design pieces for listening to music. What about connecting your MP3-player to an old cello, suitcase or coffee cups? Just a few great solutions on how to upcycle old objects into new great looking design products.
And now the biggest and most heavy sound system of them all. The design is a Mega Boom Blaster and is created by Dutch creative Stefan Bus, founder of Bus Metal Art and based in Venray | the Netherlands. The Mega Boom Blaster is a very original upcycle design piece. It’s maybe hard to believe, but this big boy is a radio/sound system that can run on electricity or gasoline! Yes, gasoline.

Radio on gasoline by Bus Metal Art – upcycleDZINE
Who’s Stefan Bus?
“I’m Stefan Bus, born in 1973. From childhood on I liked to tinker with mopeds, cars, motorcycles. I also followed education in metal and car technique. I have always liked being creative, so I can escape the everyday hectic. When I turned 16 my mopeds had to face it, they needed a different color, tougher appearance and I tuned them. This led to a foundation for my creative work later on. Due to circumstances I was stuck at home and got bored. One day I went to see what was in my shed and if I could get something from there to make. I made a custom vintage bike out of a granny bicycle, wheelbarrow, ornamental fencing, and pendant. The bike was greatly appreciated and it left me longing for more.”

Radio on gasoline by Bus Metal Art – upcycleDZINE
Why upcycling?
“Using old objects was actually born out of financial trouble, but now I feel very strongly about working with old traditional stuff in my projects. Apparently people like it when they recognize old objects in these design pieces. I have enough uncommon ideas in my head and I finally dare to realize them, the crazier the better.”

The Dutch Design Week was the first time I stood on a podium like that. I thoroughly enjoyed the realization of an idea I had and the result being appreciated [wonderful].”

Radio on gasoline by Bus Metal Art – upcycleDZINE
Radio on gasoline by Bus Metal Art – upcycleDZINE
What about this Mega Boom Blaster?
“Well I also had this idea to create an unusual radio. People said I was crazy but I liked it. After visiting several metal traders I found an old fuel tank (1.5 meter length and a diameter of one meter) that formerly provided a heater with fuel. During a visit to the attic of my father, I found a Marantz receiver and amplifier. Through the grapevine I ended up with a merchant having old engines, generators and stationary engines. I had never seen a radio run on gasoline, so my choice fell on an old generator which came from the Russian army. The wheels belonged to the chassis of a wheeled horse drinking trough my brother had. With use of a plasma cutter and welder I pieced everything together.“

Radio on gasoline by Bus Metal Art – upcycleDZINE
Photos © upcycleDZINE

This version let’s you connect a computer, mobile phone or MP3 player. Because this Mega Boom Blaster got good responses, it tasted like more. Well, stefan has already thoughts on creating a second version. Looking forward to what he comes up with. I know this radio/sound system isn’t a design for everyone, but it’s stunning upcycle design. And of course one can question if it is really environmentally friendly using gasoline to listen to music. That’s why it’s great that it also can use 220 Volt. I’m sure Stefan’s next version is going to be another unique piece.
If you’re wondering what else Stefan Bus has created, please visit his site. There are some amazing creations.

Design by Bus Metal Art | Facebook

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