ReBike: bicycle frame lamps by Tal Mor & Tom Bendkovski

For those who are regular visitors here on upcycleDZINE it comes as no surprise that bicycle parts are very popular for creating upcycle design. From inner tubes to chains, saddles, rims, headlights and handle bars. I even made a post collecting different designs that where featured on upcycleDZINE regarding bicycle parts: ‘11 upcycle design ideas using bicycle parts‘.

Bicycle frame turns into animal shape

And now another part of a bicycle that longed to be upcycled. It’s the main part of a bicycle, the frame. Two designers, Tal Mor & Tom Bendkovski, took a part of a used and cracked bicycle frame and turned it into a desk lamp called ReBike. It’s great to see that these designers saw the possibility and beauty in these frames to create a very nice lighting collection. This way a magnificent piece like a bicycle frame gets a second chance with a whole new function.


Industrial designer Tom Bendkovski got his Bachelor in Design at the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT), 2013. He’s founder of Tomski design and based in Tel-Aviv | Israel. On his website he quotes: “Good design is design that makes you feel good.” And I totally agree.

Photos © Tomski design

I’ve been able to look at the ReBike collection for some time now and there’s one thing that hasn’t changed since the first time I saw it. To me they look a bit like animals. The little black one is like a dog and the one in the first photo is like a swan with its wooden feet. In my opinion that’s the reason why the ReBike is so friendly to look at.

Design by Tal Mor & Tom Bendkovski



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