Reclaimed Ring Pulls: Fashion by Trash Garden

You might have seen these next upcycled objects, but every time I see them I’m taken by their appearance. I’m talking about ring pulls from a can of soda or beer. I never imagined that one could make such stunning bags and accessories with them. I found them at a great webshop for upcycle design, called Upcycle Studio.

Fashion made with ring pulls to carry anywhere

The designs featured here on upcycleDZINE are designed by Trash Garden, founded by Joanne Crocker. They are made out of reclaimed ring pulls that are collected and handmade in Mexico. Each bag is unique and features an outer shell made with ring pulls and in some cases truck tube.
Upcycle Studio: “Perfect for a night out and special occasions but if you’re like us you’ll carry it just about anywhere!!”

Photos © Trash Garden

Besides her upcycle design collection, Joanne Crocker runs the Australian online shop Upcycle Studio with “people who are as passionate about good design as they are about our planet”.
Since the first time I posted a design by Trash garden, the Hunter Leather Rug, Upcycle Studio has grown a lot. It has evolved into a major website selling upcycle design.
And best of all, a place to find design that is kind to our planet!

Design by Joanne Crocker | Trash Garden



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