Retro Microphone Desk Lamp by microphonic

Retro Microphone Desk Lamp by microphonic – upcycleDZINE
In the world of upcycle design there are roughly two types. One that is made out of discarded objects or waste. And a second type that upcycles vintage and retro objects. The first one is great because it keeps stuff from ending in landfill. Upcycling old objects is nice because it keeps memories alive and we can show kids what these objects are and where they were used for. Just like a wooden Carpenter’s plane and a sewing machine. Both retro items with character and a fantastic story.

Microphone as conversation piece

And why not showing you another wonderful object from the past. Okay, they’re still used, but not looking as beautiful as these ones. I’m talking about a Retro Microphone Desk Lamp. A subtle piece of upcycle lighting design by microphonic, founded in 2010 by Jennifer Lindsey and based in Austin, Texas | United States.

Retro Microphone Desk Lamp by microphonic – upcycleDZINE
The idea of turning this microphone with its distinctive form and perforated material into a lamp maybe seems straightforward to some of you. But just like all good ideas, one has to come up with them. Great ideas always look so simple. And so does this fantastic desk lamp. The one in the first photo uses the body of an Argonne AR-57 microphone.

Retro Microphone Desk Lamp by microphonic – upcycleDZINE
Jennifer discovered this microphone sitting in a thrift store. “This microphone was displayed in the back and had obviously seen better days. The owner explained that it had been used by the local bingo parlor/dance hall until it did not work any longer.” The Argonne AR-57’s were produced between the years 1959-1970. This lamp adjusts between 40.6cm to 50.8cm height. The base measures 17.8cm.

Jennifer Lindsey:

“I come from a family of musicians and artists and I don’t know any other direction I would’ve taken. Music and art are so intertwined to me, it’s no surprise most of my art is inspired by music.”

Retro Microphone Desk Lamp by microphonic – upcycleDZINE
Photos © microphonic

Now the old mic ‘shines’ again after being restored and being upcycled. Lit by a fluorescent bulb it boasts a vintage bakelite plug, vintage bakelite switch and vintage style wire. All these elements contribute to a fantastic conversation piece radiating a friendly light.

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