RINGS LAMP: upholstery spring pole lamp by WilDesignArt – upcycleDZINE
upcycleDZINE is always on the lookout for nice, inspiring and fun upcycle design that shows ingenuity and simplicity. A design that always attracts my intention is a creation made out of a bed spring or upholstery spring.
Have a look at Mattress Chandelier and Mollight. Both amazing upcycle design lamps made by upcycling bed springs. And now a completely different lamp with a spring.

Upholstery spring emphasizes growth rings

The lamp is called RINGS LAMP and is designed by WilDesignArt, founded by architect Giovanni Dal Cin in 2014 and based in Varese | Italy. WilDesignArt designs and creates design objects, furniture, accessories, lamps and sculptures.
RINGS LAMP: upholstery spring pole lamp by WilDesignArt – upcycleDZINE
The Rings Lamp is self-produced in small series and made out of reclaimed chestnut poles and upcycled old upholstery springs. The idea was inspired by the observation of growth rings in wood emphasized through the upholstery spring, which symbolizes their continuation. This, inserted between the cuts of wood, is illuminated with a LED light, recessed and hidden at the top, or bottom, depending on the model. The lamps can be made in different heights, table or floor model, and with different types of wood. The base diameter varies between 160/220 mm. Heights min. 200/400 mm (table model) 400/2000 mm (floor model).
RINGS LAMP: upholstery spring pole lamp by WilDesignArt – upcycleDZINE
The WilDesignArt project was created particularly through the self-production of lamps and lighting installations, either as unique pieces or in small series. Mainly creating pieces recovered from demolition materials, antique farm equipment, beached and rusted iron and wood.
RINGS LAMP: upholstery spring pole lamp by WilDesignArt – upcycleDZINE
Giovanni Dal Cin:

“Evidence of a wise and now disused craft, or simple waste, rethinking new functions, restoring dignity and value through creative reuse. Always starting from the concept of upcycling. I am fascinated by the idea of ​​recovering the form and matter of these objects, contaminate each other or with the addition of new elements.”

All items are handmade and, only when necessary, treated with products based on vegetable raw materials such as oils and waxes.
This Rings Lamp is another fantastic addition to the upcycle design collection here on upcycleDZINE showing how a familiar object got a completely different function.

Design by WilDesignArt | Facebook


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