Rope & Metal Beam Light by Luke Lamp Co.

Rope & Metal Beam Light by Luke Lamp Co. – upcycleDZINE
Always happy to show you a type of upcycle design that’s completely new to me. Until now I have seen so many different materials and objects used for upcycling. But once in a while I come across a design made out of a different object. And I hope it excites you just as much as me. Especially when you look at the materials used in the design you’re seeing in this post.
The only thing I wonder is whether the designer used new or discarded objects. Upcycle design, as you know by now, should be created out of one or more discarded materials or objects. Although, like Porca miseria! by Ingo Maurer, the design might be made out of new materials, it stil shows people how to think different about waste.

Rope as part of industrial hanging light

Anyhow, let’s talk about today’s featured upcycle design made out of a big rope and a metal beam. American designer Luke Kelly, founder of Luke Lamp Co., created a ‘Rope & Metal Beam Light‘. It’s a combination of a metal beam and several Gardner Bay pendant lamps, part of a collection of rustic industrial rope hanging lights.
Rope & Metal Beam Light by Luke Lamp Co. – upcycleDZINE
The Rope & Metal Beam Light is a custom design ceiling lamp showing that sturdy design can be beautiful and cool. Luke took a standard rated lamp cord and ran it through a manila rope. At the rope ends he attached six standard lamp sockets with built in switch. The vintage Edison style bulbs with their great warm amber glow gives the sturdy design a very friendly touch.
Rope & Metal Beam Light by Luke Lamp Co. – upcycleDZINE
Luke Kelly:

“It all began by accident in the summer of 2011 – mainly as a justification to bring carloads of old dirty antique things home, because at the time I lived with my parents and let’s just say my father wasn’t so fond of my tendency to fill up our garage with old dirty antique things.”

Rope & Metal Beam Light by Luke Lamp Co. – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Luke Lamp Co.

Now his little business has grown a bit more than he anticipated, with a ton of help from family and friends. From the start in a kitchen in his first basement apartment, to his present second floor shop. Luke Lamp Co. is based in Mamaroneck | New York and now has customers all over the world.
If you like this upcycle design as much as I do, you should really check out the website of Luke Lamp Co. with a great collection of inspiring and unique lighting.

Design by Luke Lamp Co.


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