Skimmer spoon reused and given a second life as KEY STORAGE

Keys placed on reused Skimmer spoon that functions as key storage by Ideenklette | upcycleDZINE

Kitchenware is a great upcycle design category. It contains many utensils that can be reused and upcycled into something quite original. And with his Key Storage [Schlüsselablage in German], designer Micha Fohl proves that such a design does not have to be complicated.

Top of Skimmer spoon reused as KEY STORAGE by Ideenklette | upcycleDZINE

Skimmer spoon abused

One day he visited a flea market where he saw an old skimmer spoon. It immediately gave him an idea to abuse that utensil as a storage device. And when he was fiddling around with it, he discovered that he could even use it as a coat hook.

So after bending it in a certain way, giving it a splash of color and drilling two holes, a new Key Storage was born.

Skimmer spoon reused as KEY STORAGE and coat hook by Ideenklette | upcycleDZINE

Upcycle design and fun

You see, upcycling doesn’t have to be that difficult. And like I’ve mentioned in many other posts, upcycle design is often about fun. You cannot deny that after recognizing the original object you got a smile on your face. And those are the designs that you’ll remember.

Close-up of Skimmer spoon reused as KEY STORAGE by Ideenklette | upcycleDZINE

Old or discarded can be valuable

Ideenklette based in Kodersdorf | Germany is funded by Micha as a way to present his current projects. Micha wants people to rethink why something has value or is valuable. A consumer has a different understanding of value. “However, if waste is turned into something new, this structure is messed up.” His goal is that consumers do not only see new articles as valuable. The fact is that something old or discarded can be turned into a real eyecatcher with disproportionately more value.
And I think Micha has reached his goal, again, with his upcycle design in this post.

Skimmer spoon reused and given a second life as a KEY STORAGE
Photos © Ideenklette

Design by Ideenklette | Facebook


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