Snow Ski Wine Rack by SKICHAIR – upcycleDZINE

Here in The Netherlands we’ve had the first snow a week ago. So it’s easy to make the jump from snow to skies. And like I’ve shown before skies are a great product to get upcycled. See ealier posts like ‘Ski-Chandelier‘ by Willem Heeffer and ‘Adirondack Ski Chairs‘ by Anne Rast. Two great examples of what you can do with old skies. Someone else who upcycles skies is Michael BellinoSKICHAIR.
They make chairs, rockers and bottle openers. And because we’re in the right mindset, snow and holidays, I tought it was nice to show a wine bottle rack designed by him. And of course, this one is upcycled form skies, the ‘Snow Ski Wine Rack‘. A really elegant item with great graphics. If you like wine you might love this!

Design by Michael Bellino | SKICHAIR



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