Speed Lights by Brett Coelho

Speed Lights by Brett Coelho – upcycleDZINE
Photo © Brett Coelho

Time to go to Down Under. Kew [Melbourne], Victoria, Australia to be exact. Home of Brett Coelho’s studio. Just like Boris Bally at the other side of this globe, Brett Coelho makes furniture and other items from legally collected and recycled street signs. The Speed Lights pendants are water-jet cut and hand folded. The shades are enamel sprayed with various colours on the inside and polyurethane sealed, protecting the original surface of the street sign on the outside. The vibrant colors in combination with the graphics are a real sight for sore eyes.
Brett Coelho: “This work is about celebrating the ordinary, finding beauty in the most unlikely of places. The fact that my work is made from recycled materials is important. I think there is enough stuff’ in the world already and far too much waste.”

Design by Brett Coelho


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