Spoons circling a light by Garbage – upcycleDZINE
Today’s featured upcycle design is by a designer I came across when I just started searching for upcycle design. It was during the last months of 2012 and when I saw his designs I was immediately fascinated. The lamps are designed by Gilles Eichenbaum founder of Garbage and they are great looking, fun and stylish. Most of his designs are made with all sorts of objects from a kitchen that you can find on a flea market. Each object is unique and is numbered and signed.

Spoons used as circle around a planet

The lamps shown here are ‘Piece Of Sky’ (nr. 513) and ‘Over The Rainbow’ (nr. 514). Both these designs are showing some sort of planet floating in circles of spoons. One is showing colanders in double spoon circles and the other is a coffee pot in double spoon hoops.
Spoons circling a light by Garbage – upcycleDZINE
Spoons circling a light by Garbage – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Garbage

Please take a look at the Facebook page or website of Garbage to see more of his incredible fine upcycle designs. If there’s one thing Gilles Eichenbaum is showing, it is that upcycle design can be both fun and stylish / elegant. He has truly a unique style. The way he plays with light and objects is very refined. He therefore has a very recognizable style.

Design by Garbage


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