Stripped lamp by Studio Floris Wubben

Stripped lamp by Studio Floris Wubben – upcycleDZINE
It’s always nice to show work that’s unique and astonishing to see. And it’s even nicer if the designer is from The Netherlands. [Sorry, proud to be Dutch.] The lamp in this article, ‘Stripped‘ by Studio Floris Wubben, is so minimal in the use of materials and modifications. It’s incredible how a tree branch is transformed into a standing lamp. The lamp shows a natural and honest design.

Unique lamp made out of a tree branch

Floris Wubben: “Stripped is made out of one branch only, which is split into three parts beneath. As a result, the legs of a standing lamp are made. The bark is almost entirely pealed from the branch and with a rotating movement formed into a lamp-shade. Each part of the tree branch obtains a new function, without losing its natural and exceptional appearance. The original form of the branch will determinate the final form of the lamp. Therefore, every lamp is a unique piece of design.” There’s also a smaller version, check it out here.
Stripped lamp by Studio Floris Wubben – upcycleDZINE
Stripped lamp by Studio Floris Wubben – upcycleDZINE
Stripped lamp by Studio Floris Wubben – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Studio Floris Wubben

The Dutch Company Studio Floris Wubben, based in Eindhoven | The Netherlands, tries to get the most out of the applied materials and craftsmanship within every design. They find it interesting that the result in designs will not directly be related to functional objects, but rather being viewed as sculptural objects: “In our work of designing we thus try to put a certain material into new perspectives. While transforming and combining materials, new purposes will arise naturally.”

Design by Studio Floris Wubben


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