Take Out Light by Ideaka – upcycleDZINE
Since I started this blog last year every day has been a surprise. And when I focused on upcycle design it became even more exciting what the day would bring. I’m always on the lookout for inspiring upcycle design and the stories make my day turn into one big wonderful journey full of amazing discoveries and fun. It’s just incredible what designers come up with regarding upcycle design. Today I’m showing you an upcycle design that’s both great to see as it is fun.
Take Out Light by Ideaka – upcycleDZINE
Take Out Light by Ideaka – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Ideaka

Be green with this Take Out

If a design uses an everyday item that we all know, it certainly will attract attention. And the design in this article is no different. I’m talking about the ‘Take Out Light‘ by Chris Haines | Ideaka. Packaged in a brown paper bag just like you would get from a Chinese restaurant. The container is both the packaging and the lamp shade. The shade shows a beautiful glow and folding of the carton.  Take Out Light can be displayed in four different ways: up or down and open or closed. Everything you need for your new lamp is included inside. Nothing to add and (almost) nothing to throw out. Be Green with your new Take Out Light.

Design by Chris Haines | Ideaka



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