Telebeute: cardboard wall lamp by herrwolke

Telebeute: cardboard wall lamp by herrwolke – upcycleDZINE
Maybe this sounds familiar. A few days after buying something online, a courier brings me my new purchase in a corrugated cardboard box. And like someone who cares about recycling I cut the box into little pieces and throw them into the special garbage bin for paper. Sometimes I hold on to the box because it might come in handy later or someone else wants to use it. Every time I cut up a beautiful strong box I wonder what I could upcycle it into. Luckily a few upcycle designers had some great ideas on what to do with discarded corrugated cardboard. Just have a look at previously featured upcycle lighting design called Scraplights and Beute.

Cardboard strips with unique character

The latter is designed by a creative company called herrwolke, founded by Michael Konstantin Wolke and based in Berlin. Herrwolke has some great upcycle design products in its collection. And one of these products is ‘Telebeute‘, based on the same concept he used for the Beute series. The cone shaped 50 cm. lampshade made out of corrugated cardboard strips is attached to an 1.2 m / 180° adjustable wall fixture.

Telebeute: cardboard wall lamp by herrwolke – upcycleDZINE
Telebeute: cardboard wall lamp by herrwolke – upcycleDZINE
Corrugated cardboard strips give so much character to each lamp due to the defects, colors, typographic design and graphics printed on them. Just like the Beute series, using these strips results in a unique product, every piece is a one-of-a-kind.

Telebeute: cardboard wall lamp by herrwolke – upcycleDZINE
Photos © herrwolke

Designer Michael Konstantin’s label herrwolke develops solutions in the field of material and spatial reuse. The studio for three-dimensional concepts, designs and implements object-related work at the interface between free and applied creativity.
The Telebeute series is a very nice addition to the entire Beute collection.

Design by herrwolke



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