Throne Outdoor Chair by Natalia Romanova

Throne Outdoor Chair by Natalia Romanova on upcycleDZINE
Here in The Netherlands everybody longs for springtime and nice temperatures. Three weeks ago the weather seemed to go in the right direction. But no, winter went for overtime. Some snow, cold and a strong wind from the east. So it’s not really the time to think about going into the garden or just enjoying sunshine. Nevertheless spring will come and we can finally enjoy outdoor life again. And that’s where today’s post fits in. I’m showing you a great upcycle design, an outdoor chair called ‘Throne‘ by Natalia Romanova | London.
Throne Outdoor Chair by Natalia Romanova on upcycleDZINE
She made a fantastic chair with a kind of familiar look. But you can’t put a finger on it right away. So you think and think until…… Aha, I’ve seen that before, but not as a chair. And than suddenly you realize that it has to do with an everyday object that has been completely taken out of its context. Yes it’s a part taken from an old bathtub.
About a week ago I showed another upcycle design made out of a bathtub, the AVA Redux Tub by Reduxx. Also a beutiful piece, but recognizable as a bathtub. The Throne is different because you don’t recognize the original object right away.
Go and visit Romanovas website and see what had to be done to transform a bathtub into a chair. I really think it’s a brilliant idea. The end product is a minimal and unique looking design. Put a pillow in it and you got yourself a comfy outdoor chair.

Design by Natalia Romanova


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