Today’s upcycle design project was brought to my attention by Marco Gambula from VicoloPagliaCorta [VPC]. Yes the creative people that designed 380|tiles. He said that since I’m interested in clever upcycling, I might like these lamps. Well, I’m so glad he pointed this lighting design out to me, because I think it’s just amazing.

35mm film illuminates again

The lampshade series project is called ‘Transfilm‘ and is design by Pa.Mou Design, just like VPC based in Bologna | Italy. Their love for film brought them to this fantastic idea to preserve 35mm film by upcycling it into lampshades. 35 mm film is the film width most commonly used for motion pictures and chemical still photography. Pa.Mou Design also uses this discarded film for furnishings.
I truly think these lampshades are unique. Every piece is different and one of a kind. The lampshades are sewn entirely by hand and takes advantage of the fantastic transparency of the frames to soften the light. Besides the soft light the graphics create a story of their own.
Photos © Pa.Mou Design

Another wonderful example of upcycling an item/material that is destined to disappear in this digital age we live in. This way we can show and remember what film was really like by letting it illuminate again.

Design by Pa.Mou Design


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