In this post, you’ll find upcycle design by a designer that has already been featured a few times on this blog. And I must say he has a well-deserved place here on upcycleDZINE.

Umbrello chandelier by Juraj Vyboh | upcycleDZINE

His name is Juro Vyboh from Slovakia, and this time he upcycled a bunch of umbrellas. And not like many others by using the whole umbrella or whereby the screen serves as a lampshade, flower holder, or banner. No, Juro used them in a completely different way. This upcycle chandelier is called Umbrello.

Umbrello chandelier with umbrella handles by Juraj Vyboh | upcycleDZINE

Umbrella handles and a kitchen colander

An umbrella is a very well known object. And that’s why upcycling an umbrella is so interesting and fun. Especially old umbrellas are beautiful. Nicely curved handles, often made of different wood tones. To get a nice collection, Juro Viboh collected them for about three years. The chandelier was created by joining de collected handles to an old kitchen colander. The end result is nothing less than amazing. To me, it looks like some sort of sea creature, a sea urchin with its tentacles. But in a friendly way.

Umbrello chandelier from above by Juraj Vyboh | upcycleDZINE
Photos © Juraj Vyboh

Full-time hobby

The studio of Juraj Vyboh is an upcycle design and collection workshop of handmade lighting and furniture located in Bratislava, Slovakia. Since its launch in 2009, Juro Vyboh has worked as an architect for 6 years, creating small design projects part-time. This hobby has become a full-time job.

“Reusing things with their own stories leads to unexpected and unique design results characteristic with nonconformity and hidden humor.”

Umbrello chandelier with kitchen utensil by Juraj Vyboh | upcycleDZINE
Photos © Juraj Vyboh

The pieces are mostly conceptually but not only based on using repurposed materials and objects. The goal is to search for new materials and techniques and to create an extraordinary but also fully functional atmosphere. Resulting in objects for those who want to enrich their spaces with remarkable solitaires and to give them a personal touch.

Design by Juraj Vyboh | Instagram


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