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UPCYCLE, the superlative of recycle, is a word that you encounter more and more. And rightly so, because a design here and a new thing out there without any added value is not the way it should be anymore. When creating a design we should actually consider whether we need the product and if it could be produced differently or if it could be made from waste material. And the latter is upcycling. A new destination to a product that otherwise would end up on the dirt pile. And now the big thing is to create special designs for those products.
This is a way to create added value to this world. upcycleDZINE.com wants to show more and more examples of eco-friendly design or upcycling. Take a look at the ‘Enjoy Twice’ lamp by Niels Craen, ‘SkateBack’ by Grove + MapleXO or the ‘Tube Light’ by Castor. All great ways of designing products that add value to this world!


  1. This is one of the coolest sites I have been to when researching craft and upcycling ideas. So glad I stumbled upon it. Thank you!!!


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