Beerbecue: sewing table and a beer barrel by Schrootmeester | upcycleDZINE

Once in a while, I come across an upcycle design piece that attracts my attention. And that includes the product in this post. It’s an amazing and fun creation called Beerbecue by Dutch designer Robin Koedood. He’s the founder of upcycle company Schrootmeester [Scrap master], based in Vlaardingen | The Netherlands. 

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Beerbecue with open lid close up by Schrootmeester | upcycleDZINE
Wooden handle on lid of Beerbecue by Schrootmeester | upcycleDZINE

Two objects upcycled into one

The thing that really caught my eye is that the design is a combination of two upcycled objects. A 50-liter Heineken beer barrel and a beautiful sewing table. Of course, you can imagine that it was easy to find some volunteers that would like to help to empty that barrel. The lid is cut from the barrel, a wooden handle decorates the front. A thermometer is placed on top and the temperature can be adjusted from below with a ventilation grille.

Beerbecue temperature detail by Schrootmeester | upcycleDZINE

Cast iron is timeless

The beer barrel is situated on a special piece of history, a Singer sewing table. An object loved by many upcycle enthusiasts. Singer has been a household name when it comes to sewing since 1851. This sewing table is a family heirloom that went from great-grandmother to daughter, to a grandchild, to Schrootmeester. The cast iron base, a timeless piece, consists of a detailed design with an expertly finished wooden top that rests on it. There is a drawer on either side of the tabletop where barbecue tools can be stored.

Singer sewing table top of Beerbecue by Schrootmeester | upcycleDZINE

From waste to design

The company Schrootmeester has a nice upcycle design collection. It all started with an empty 200-liter oil barrel. “The oil residue on the inside could be seen and smelled. The barrel was no longer used, but it had too much potential to throw away, I thought…. An idea followed and the first product was created, the Oil Throne. Often objects are thrown out of convenience or luxury or put in the old dirt, a shame! New is not always better.”

Beerbecue with open lid by Schrootmeester | upcycleDZINE

Robin Koedood:

“An empty fire extinguisher ….. waste or an amazing lamp? Good material is endless, scratches and imperfections give the product character!”

Singer sewing table part of Beerbecue by Schrootmeester | upcycleDZINE
Photos © Look J. Boden

Interior with a story

Schrootmeester’s creations have a minimalist style. The materials used remain recognizable. One of the added values of upcycle design is that it always has a beautiful story and history. A small imperfection, that scratch or dent, tells an honest story. It says something about the life of the product before it got upcycled, ready for a new owner.

All in all, I think the Beerbecue is a very nice addition to upcycleDZINE’s collection.
And a design that invites some serious barbecuing. 

Design by Schrootmeester

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