ADELA: upcycled blinds lamp by El nebot del persianer – upcycleDZINE
It’s almost summertime and that usually means higher temperatures and a lot of sunshine. It’s nice to sit outside and enjoy the summer. But if you’re a person like me, you’re keeping all the doors shut to keep it cool inside. And an object that’s essential to keeping warmth outside is a sun blind.
They’re available in many sizes and forms. The ones I like, and don’t have, are roller blinds that you see a lot in the Mediterranean region. Seeing them gives me a sense of being on a holiday, a time to relax. And as it turns out these old authentic blinds are great for upcycling. Almost three years ago upcycleDZINE wrote a post about original upcycle design furniture by Gruba made out of roller blinds. And now upcycleDZINE wants to let you know about another amazing upcycle design created by turning these blinds into something completely different.

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Blinds elegantly reinterpreted

The main design you’re seeing here is called ‘Adela’ and is a lamp designed by El nebot del persianer, based in Valencia | Spain. Adela is a crossover design piece. A combination between a lamp and a small container. Adela can be used to save or hold small pocket items like keys, mobile phone and wallet. Or it can be used to save objects that you need at work like pens, pencils, ruler. At the same time it can be used to illuminate your work or dining table. Another fun function that this product has is the ability to hang A4 sheets of paper in the sun blind. Please watch the video in this article.
ADELA: upcycled blinds lamp by El nebot del persianer – upcycleDZINE
ADELA: upcycled blinds lamp by El nebot del persianer – upcycleDZINE
ADELA: upcycled blinds lamp by El nebot del persianer – upcycleDZINE
El nebot del persianer:

“Elegantly combining form, function and material, we reinterpreted an object already known, giving a surprising twist. Definitely a small gesture adapted as a classic work light.”

The company is emerged out of a family tradition of blinds craftsmen since 1955. A lifetime of making, repairing and setting up sun blinds. Now some 50 years later they upcycle these blinds so distinctive to the Mediterranean towns. They create furniture and lamps that serve as a tribute to this region and its objects.
ADELA: upcycled blinds lamp by El nebot del persianer – upcycleDZINE
El nebot del persianer:

“A tribute to traditional values of a legendary product autochthonous in our lands. A trip influenced to seek new experiences. A historical and cultural context, where time and memory merge with emotional future. Create objects which have a sensory intention, symbolic and moral, that allow us to know our roots and continue our evolution towards a more sustainable future.”

Adela is part of a project that incorporates several fantastic lamp designs and a piece of furniture, a very original table. The table is called ‘Maru’ and has a storage function in the form of a pocket/pouch underneath an extendable top of the table. All in all a very functional design, just like Adela.
ADELA: upcycled blinds lamp by El nebot del persianer – upcycleDZINE
El nebot del persianer:

“It is a project where we promote the recovery and utilization of autochthonous elements, using traditional methods, as basic elements in the product design. Thanks to this character, we have been able to know first hand, all the processes that were used to manufacture the first cane sun blinds.”

Photos & video © El nebot del persianer

This upcycle design collection is a fusion between traditional processes and current cutting edge concepts. Resulting in sun blinds getting a lengthened lifecycle and being reused for other purposes than their natural function. And that’s what upcycling is all about.

Design by El nebot del persianer

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