Upcycled Jack Stand Lamps by Original House – upcycleDZINE
Lighting is a very important aspect in any interior. It can give so much character and charm to a room. It’s also something we can’t do without.
On upcycleDZINE you can find lots of upcycle lighting design. Since this blog started back in the spring of 2013, it has featured many examples of fantastic, exuberant or simple lighting design. And one group of upcycled objects is car parts. It turns out that cars are a great source for upcycle designers.

How a jack stand can show character and history

An interesting car part is a headlight. Not today’s modern ones, but those beautiful vintage ones. Headlights from a different era that have character. They are perfect for creating amazing lighting objects.
Upcycled Jack Stand Lamps by Original House – upcycleDZINE
One of those objects is another lighting design I stumbled upon during my never ending search for upcycle design pieces. This time it’s Upcycled Jack Stand Lamps, designed by Original House. This creative company was founded in 2008 by Archie and Caddy Mackie in 2008 and is based in Cirencester | United Kingdom.
These interesting lamps have been made by upcycling some vintage car headlamps and mounting them to old used red car jack stands. The lamps are equipped with red triple twisted flex cable and new fittings.
They have an impressive collection of vintage industrial furniture, vintage industrial lighting and antique painted French furniture. All in all a collection that shows objects with patina and charm that only age and good use can create.
Upcycled Jack Stand Lamps by Original House – upcycleDZINE
Original House:

“Original House intends to help people move away from cheaply made mass consumerism offering properly made pieces with soul that have stood the test of time and will only improve with age. At our core is a belief that reusing something must be more efficient than even recycling, helping you to do your bit for the environment.”

Upcycled Jack Stand Lamps by Original House – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Original House

According to the website of Original House, they love the idea of their pieces ‘been used in a clean modern environment – injecting character and a sense of history’. Well I’m sure these unique Jack Stand Lamps are able to do that.

Design by Original House | Facebook


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