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Last Saturday upcycleDZINE participated in an event about letting go of items and giving old items a second chance. And giving a second chance can be through delivering old goods to a thrift store or by upcycling.
The organizing committee asked me if I would like to show my lampshades so visitors could see and I could tell what upcyling and upcycle design is all about. The event was held in a new building called ‘House of sustainability‘ because of it’s own wind and solar energy units and because it’s very energy efficient.

upcycleDZINE exhibited for the first time

Well, it was the first time since my graduation from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, long time ago, that I exhibited my designs. Of course I was pretty excited. For me it was the first time to see all plastic carton lampshades together in one setting. And it was going to be special to talk to people and get their reaction.
A week before the event I was able to check out the building. After some preparation, I put everything in place the day before the exhibition. When I was ready I was happy to see that the lampshades would make a good impression.
The event itself could have generated some more visitors. But having bad weather and it being the first edition, it was still a nice day. And especially for my upcycleDZINE lampshades. People liked them so much and several visitors asked me if they could buy them. That’s a work in progress.

upcycleDZINE lampshades exhibited
upcycleDZINE lampshades exhibited
upcycleDZINE lampshades exhibited
Photos © Patrick Wolfslag

All in all it was a great experience and I now know I’ve got a lot of work to do by making more pieces of a few designs. I’m planning to open an Etsy store within the next 6 months and maybe I’ll integrate a shop here on upcycleDZINE.
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