Urban Warrior’s Throne by Spring and Gears – upcycleDZINE
Design related to movies or series. That’s something new for this blog. And since I’m a big fan of movies it’s something I really enjoy showing you. Actually it’s about a tv-series. Since HBO and especially Netflix, tv-series have become immensely popular. And I’ve noticed this myself because a few years ago I rarely watched tv-series and now I follow several series. Multiple tv-series show famous movie actors and have the cinematic quality of a movie.
One of the most popular tv-series of the last few years is Game of Thrones [GOT]. Funny aspect, it’s a series I don’t watch. But there’s a key object in that series that has some similarities with today’s featured upcycle design.

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A throne showing a unique identity

The object I’m referring to is the Iron Throne. This monumental and unique piece was allegedly forged from 1,000 swords that had been surrendered. The actual number of melted swords is less than two hundred. But still impressive.
Urban Warrior’s Throne by Spring and Gears – upcycleDZINE
Urban Warrior’s Throne by Spring and Gears – upcycleDZINE
When I came across the design in this article it immediately reminded me of the GOT throne. The design is by Polish upcycle design studio Spring and Gears and is called Urban Warrior’s Throne. It’s a real piece of art using all sorts of discarded objects. The whole construction is finished in a metal metallic paint. The resemblance with the famous Iron Throne is in the pointy objects protruding over the back of the chair. Every time you look at this stunning chair you discover new objects. It’s a captivating design.
Urban Warrior’s Throne by Spring and Gears – upcycleDZINE
Spring and Gears is a design studio that uses old, everyday objects like springs, gears, pipes and wires to create unique art and design. The idea behind this is that these bits and pieces are ‘integral components of appliances surrounding us’. Spring and Gears wondered if these items could have a second life? Could they have another purpose and become a part of art? And it shows they definitely can.
After the appliances are torn apart, the parts ar assembled again in an innovative, cohesive and one-off creation. Resulting in an upcycle design piece with a history and telling a new story.
Urban Warrior’s Throne by Spring and Gears – upcycleDZINE
Urban Warrior’s Throne by Spring and Gears – upcycleDZINE
Spring and Gears:

“My art is for people who seek to provide themselves or their business with unique identity. It can make way to express your originality and foremost it will represent your courage not to give in to current trends.”

Urban Warrior’s Throne by Spring and Gears – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Spring and Gears

If this is something you like you should certainly visit the Spring and Gears website. There you’ll find many unexpected, impressive and inspiring upcycle art and design pieces.

Design by Spring and Gears | Facebook

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