Upcycle design doesn’t have to be difficult. Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba is showing this with his ‘Variety‘, a chandelier. The design is a sort of chaos made out of all sorts of lighting and looks as if everybody could have made it. But the thing is, like always, one has to come up the idea.

Chandelier shows one big lighting celebration

The Variety chandelier looks so simple, but I think the idea is fantastic. The way everything is intertwined and that you can change which lights are shining gives it so much character.
To me this design is one big lighting celebration and is fun to look at. And fun in design is always a great thing.

Photo © Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba

Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba was born in Italy. He attended the Art Institute and the Academy of Fine Arts. He loves thinking about his work as a direct continuation of what he used to do when he was a child. He played with everything he found and created what his mind imagined. He learned from Art how an idea could be elegant, that’s why he’s always looking for pure concepts and summary.
“I never give up irony, the irony is a serious matter. If a good idea is even fun, I cannot resist to realize it.”

Design by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba



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