Vintage Gas Pump Lamp by MADCO

Vintage Gas Pump Lamp by MADCO – upcycleDZINE
There have been quit a lot of different designs here on upcycleDZINE. And some of these upcycle design pieces where made out of very interesting objects or materials. One object that hasn’t been featured yet is a vintage gas pump lamp nozzle.

Great tribute to gas pump

On Etsy, where else, I came across this ‘Vintage Gas Pump Lamp‘ designed by MADCO [Modern Artifact Decor Co.], based in Eugene, Oregon | United States. “This cool piece of automobilia was crafted from an aluminum drill press base with a rubber gas hose and a vintage pump nozzle. A pull chain socket in a rusted bulb cage is attached with 6 feet of cranberry red cotton lamp cord. A chrome tail light and a vintage pyrometer gauge add some visual interest to this great conversation piece.”
MADCO is a joint venture from the designers at Wall Star Graphics, Joel McCombs & Paula Franklin: “We desire to preserve with the pieces, some of the former glory of America when things were built to last. Saving these items from being melted down or land filled will hopefully give future generations a glimpse of our proud industrial heritage.”
Vintage Gas Pump Lamp by MADCO – upcycleDZINE
Vintage Gas Pump Lamp by MADCO – upcycleDZINE
Photos © MADCO

Vintage Gas Pump Lamp is a great tribute to that industrial heritage. It’s almost unbelievable, but one day there won’t be any gas pumps used. That day kids will see this lamp and wonder what it is and someone can tell them!

Design by MADCO


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